Bananas Are Good For Apes

Throw Bananas At Them.

You need Rotten Bananas to play the game. The more bananas you own, the more bananas you can throw.
The more bananas you throw, the greater your chance of winning.
When you run out of bananas, you have to start over, so mint more bananas.

Grand Prize

The grand prize winner gets a Mutant Ape.

There are 24 levels in the game. Each level unlocks 1 of 24 words for a seed phrase to a wallet containing the Mutant Ape in it. To win the grand prize, all you need to do is be the first player to beat all 24 levels and unlock all 24 words.

Second Prize

The second grand prize is a Koda.

WTF is a Koda? We have no idea what it is, but we're giving one away.
Winning the Koda is super easy, just beat level 21 to find the private key to a wallet holding the Koda.

Other Prizes

You can also win other cool prizes.

Prizes include some cool NFTs and of course bags of $APE. From Sappy Seals to Lil Pudgys, to Otherdeeds and more.
Win these prizes by beating levels and finding private keys to wallets holding these prizes in them.


We don't know what it is yet, but we're building something in Otherside

We own 4 nearly identical Otherside Deeds. All 4 are in the Jungle environment and all 4 have the banana peel artifact.
Of course we don't know what that even means yet, but we wanted those specific traits. Only 24 exist with this trait combination, and we went out of our way to get as many of those as we could.
Who knows how this will play into what we build on them, but we have some cool ideas, and they all involve 3d banana avatars for all holders.

Otherdeed #79667

Otherdeed #70406

Otherdeed #60393

Otherdeed #89138

Meet our Ape Frens

These apes minted Rotten Bananas.
What are you waiting for? Mint some bananas and join the party.