Each Banana Gets 69,000 $ROTTEN Tokens


10,000 Rotten Bananas
69,000,000,000 $ROTTEN
10% Banana Airdrop
10% Marketing Budget
10% Mutant Licensing
20% Play2Win Prizes
50% Locked Liquidity

Play To Win

Throw Bananas at Mutant Apes.

There are 24 levels in the game.
Each level unlocks 1 word.
Complete all 24 levels to unlock a 24 word seed phrase for a wallet containing a Mutant Ape.


This has to be the ugliest M2 fur in the collection by far. That's enough reason to throw bananas at you.


What the hell happened to your teeth bro? And why are your brains showing? You're definitely getting bananas in your face.


Dude can you shave that nasty beard? How is your mouth open yet closed at the same time? Run those diamonds.


This guy looks a little angry I ain't fucking with him. But we're still bashing him with bananas.


Bruh. That cheetah fur is sick. And the hat/vest/glasses combo is straight fire. You can catch the bananas in your chest.


How many bananas do you see coming at you? Are they all different colors too?


Are you fine as in you're fine or as as in you're fine? Looks like it's both. I'm gonna burst your bubble with a banana.


What do you mean by forever famous isn't it more like never famous? You got so many eyes but none of them red. Light up homie.


You look too bored to call you a party ape.


You look way too high to be driving a yacht bro. Hire a captain and fall back.


What's with the squared thing I don't get it? Are you a square?


Go play your dam flute and find the next 100x gem for us.